Founded in 1991, Pro Pacific is a full service product design and manufacturing firm offering turnkey solutions in several vertical markets. Pro Pacific's industry experience incorporates a broad knowledge of design, production, fulfillment, and distribution. We are committed to providing quality products and creative personalized service at competitive prices.

We understand our client's marketing strategies, goals, and target audience and help to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty, meet budget constraints and generate an alternative base of income.

Corp Merchandise
Collateral Print
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Liquor
  • Financial
  • Food/Beverage

Domestic Manufacturing
Overseas Manufacturing
In-House Design
Inventory Management
Customer Service

Manufacturing Experts

we have over twenty five years’ experience and a global network of factories to provide customized solutions for your needs.


Our enthusiastic, talented and trend-aware team is devoted to providing the most up-to-date products to promote your company or event.


We take pride in our identity as providers of quality products with a focus on customer delight.

We Are Your Partner

We are dedicated to your success while exceeding your expectations with the highest quality and most cost effective products available.

What Our Clients Think

"There is no better, they always perform."

Craig Dado EVP Marketing - Del Mar Racetrack

"I have never worked with a company with more heart, desire and integrity then Pro Pacific."

Jordan Wettstein - Budweiser
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